Karl Jannuska

"Featherweight - Sofie Sörman Sings the Music of Karl Jannuska" EP Released January 15th, 2021

Happy new year everyone! I'm really happy to announce that this collection of five of my songs, sung by the incredibly talented Swedish singer Sofie Sörman is available on the streaming platform of your choice. Featuring Rob Clearfield on piano and Joan Eche Puig on the bass, the music is a unique blend of ethereal jazz and indie pop. Click on the link beside to listen / purchase the EP on Bandcamp (which is the best platform for supporting your favourite indie artists).

"Featherweight" single released November 27, 2020

This song is from an upcoming EP "Featherweight - Sofie Sörman Sings the Music of Karl Jannuska" that will be released on January 15th, 2021. Sofie Sörman is a wonderful Swedish singer that I've been playing with for the past twenty years and, while we've always performed her repertoire, this recording is the first time that she sings my music. The band is completed by Chicago pianist Rob Clearfield on the piano and organ and French bassist Joan Eche-Puig. Nicolas Charlier mixed and mastered the EP. The images in the video were taken by Sofie and myself and the video editing was done by yours truly. Special thanks to my daughter Iris for allowing me to film her hands !

"Saving Daylight"

Recorded in several different studios over the past four years my new single "Saving Daylight" is now available on all of the usual platforms. Several wonderful musicians added their sounds to the mix including vocalist Cynthia Abraham, cellist Guillaume Latil, Baptiste Germser on French horn and Meta on sanza. The Pierre Perchaud and Federico Casagrande guitar duel is worth the price of admission and the one and only Tony Paeleman mixed and mastered.
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